TP Transcription Limited is delighted to announce that it is now a preferred supplier to the University of Bordeaux. We have been supplying specialist English transcription services via our University Transcriptions portal to academics at the university.

Its been a busy week at TP Transcription Headquarters. This is a roundup of our news..

The University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor's Great Debate

We have been involved in transcribing the University of Birmingham's Great Debate. #advancedorders #MBAstu

We have been asked lots of questions about how to record interviews, what software and hardware to use, whether to stick to Zoom meetings, what effect face masks have on recording quality and more. #covid19 #sociallydistancedinterviews

Using your mobile phone is one of the easiest and quickest ways to record interviews, focus groups, lectures and meetings. The quality on most smart phones is extremely high and suitable for transcription. #android #recordingaudioonandroidphone

Microsoft Teams is one of the more business-orientated rivals to Zoom. It usually requires an Office 365 licence in order to beable to use it fully so as a result it is probably not intended by Microsoft to be a full competitor to Zoom, which #howtotransc

We recently had a query from a regular client - "I have a budget deadline coming up and I would like to know if it's possible to prepay for credit to be used in the future? It would be even better if it were possible to invoice my organisation #budget

We have been working flat out on Zoom interviews over the last few months for our clients, transcribing audio for research interviews, or completing transcripts for online meetings. #zoom

TP Transcription Limited and University Transcriptions are proud to announce that they have today become preferred suppliers to both the University of Stirling and the Open University. #OpenUniversity #UniversityofStirling

We often get asked by clients whether they need to provide us with specific terminology and names when they upload recordings.
The quick answer is yes! #identifyingnames #providingterminology

It's been a busy week for our team. Our translators have been hard at work translating Chilean Spanish round table discussions with 10+ speakers and court reports from English to Lithuanian  (14,000 words). #translation #jefferson #socialmediadept

We include anonymisation at no additional cost. Simply ensure that you request it when uploading the files as we don’t routinely anonymise. #anonymisation #freeanonymisation

Many people use the automatic subtitling services offered by YouTube and others, but how many of these users have actually beenthrough and checked what the output is once they have enabled the subtitling?

Cheshire Headteacher in Subtitling Shock

Podcasts are booming at the moment, and transcribing them is becoming a busy part of our day to day work. Popular with commuters for years, they are usually free to listen to, easy to tune into without needing to pay attention and available on demand.

Demand for Live Transcription Professionals is outstripping supply, says Anna Gresty, Managing Director of TP Transcription Limited. #cambridgeuniversity #livetranscription #onlinelecturetranscription

Recent article by Jonathan Fagan, Director of TP Transcription Limited on the University Transcription website: #Germantranscription #Germantranslation

Nice feedback received today from The Akabusi Company for work recently undertaken by TP Transcription:

"Brilliant Stuff Anna, thank you. #feedback #theakabusicompany

Busy day today, proof reading a legal document in Russian, translating a survey into Ukrainian, Thai and Farsi, not to forget all the English to English transcription. #busydayatoffice #russiantranslation

Another lovely email from Durham County Council “Thanks Anna! The transcripts are great as always! … Thanks again.”

Burn-in Time Code or Burnt-in Timecoding (depending on which part of the world you are from!) is the time code that you can actually see on a video. #BITC #burnintimecode #burntintimecoding

Do you worry about how you will go about getting your files transcribed? We are always happy to help and understand it can be daunting the first time. #firsttimecustomer

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