Something that comes up quite frequently as a query is the question from academic staff as to whether we can undertake work for them on a personal basis when we are suppliers to their university. TP Transcription also trades as University Transcriptions

We have had an interesting note left on our blog this week by a European professional in the finance sector. The writer states that he speaks over 10 languages and converses regularly in all of them, but "fails to understand why people from Liverpool

We had a very unusual email today from a student at the University of Bristol who had completed our quote request form. When we followed up we received the following email from her:

Year end coming up for budget spend - don't forget that we are happy to invoice in advance of work being completed.. Email Anna Gresty MD -

Where did OK come from?

OK is one of the most common words in the English language, but it is just 150 years old. You can trace its roots back to the 19th century Boston (the USA location rather than the original Lincolnshire UK town) .

Yes and No

Yes is the quick answer but no to a number of specific courts, particularly in England and Wales.

An issue that often comes up in relation to transcription is when a client sends us a CD that has been commercially produced. Although it will simply play on a CD drive on a PC or laptop, it will not necessarily be particularly easy to copy.

I was put on the spot a little bit earlier today when fielding a call from an academic researcher who telephoned to ask for a quotation for eight hours of one to one interview transcriptions. She started the conversation by saying “tell me why I should

Very often when call centre or telesales companies have a complaint about a customer's conversation with a call handler, a transcript of the conversation is requested so that management can listen and deal effectively with the complaint that has been mad

We have recently undertaken a piece of work for a journalist who was converting old newspaper articles into word documents.

It took us a bit of time to work this out, but the easiest way of playing MP3 files on an iPhone without paying Apple any money at all is as follows:

- Download the VLC Player from the app store. VLCis an open source media player that plays videos and

Word Formatting Assistance

University Transcriptions and TP Transcription Limited are pleased to announce that our new Microsoft Word Formatting Assistance Service is open for business.

The Coronavirus lockdown has introduced millions of people overnight to online video conferencing, with most using Zoom, the market leader. #videoconferencingguide #zoombestpractice #zoometiquette

Wednesday 9th December is the last day for uploading files on our relaxed turnaround (lowest price) and a guaranteed return before Christmas.

We are picking up a number of orders from local authorities and town councils in relation to their websites, following a new set of regulations requiring accessible websites. #councilmeetingssubtitling #councilmeetingstranscriptions #websiteaccessibility

Automated Subtitles and Sleepless Nights

A recent piece of work we have completed has reminded us of the problems with the various automated subtitling services that exist. #automatedsubtitles #automatedsubtitling #automaticsubtitling

A Question Regularly Asked

This question is coming up nearly every day from our EU based customers and institutions, as well as UK clients. #EUGDPR #UKGDPR

It is currently Living Wage Week #LivingWageWeek, an initiative run by the Living Wage Foundation to improve the lot of lower paid workers.

Translation is an incredibly difficult service to provided on an automated basis. Every language has its own special rules for the treatment of certain words and phrases, which makes the job of an AI robot millions of times harder than just #GoogleTransla

University Transcriptions (our sister site) has had a flood of enquiries from a number of universities in recent times as they get into full swing hosting virtual open days. #closedcaptions #SRTsubtitling #universityopendays

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