Our People


Anna Gresty Managing Director

Managing Director of TP Transcription Limited and University Transcriptions.

Clare Fagan Director

Finance Director of TP Transcription Limited.

Jonathan Fagan Director

Director and Founder of TP Transcription Limited.

Peter Gresty, Director

Director of TP Transcription Limited.


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BSc Midwifery and MA History graduate with 20 years in the NHS/healthcare sector.

Daisy Ward, Associate Transcriber

1st class degree, TEFL qualified with good ear for French, German, Dutch and Chinese accents. 4 years transcription experience.

Vicky Roe

Former legal secretary with over 24 years transcribing experience.

Miranda Day

MA in 20th Century English Literature (Kings College London) & University of Oxford graduate.

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Researcher with an MA in Social Science and over 10 years transcription experience.

Sharon Allbright

Qualified archaeologist with 25 years transcribing experience.

Sarah Gainey

Former legal secretary with 20 years conveyancing and audio typing experience.

Debby Harris

Transcriber with over 15 years' experience as a legal secretary.

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Transcriber with over 30 years' experience as a secretary in the NHS.

Tracy Roberts, Associate Transcriber

Greater Manchester based transcriber with 14 years experience as an secretary/audio transcriber and 2 years as a transcriptionist.

Patricia Boyle

Over 30 years experience, Glasgow based and a specialist in a wide range of accents.

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Graduate former university administrator and medical PA in the NHS. 3.5 years transcribing experience.

Khush Kokab

Medical student with 2 years transcribing experience.

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Transcriber with over 20 years experience of research interviews and focus groups.

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Associate Transcriber with over 20 years experience as a legal secretary.

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Transcriber with 15 years experience including TV work, universities, the NHS and police forces.

Lisa Wilkinson, Associate Transcriber

Transcriber with over 30 years experience. Former Accounts Manager for a telecoms company.

Julia Rowlands Associate Transcriber

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives with legal, medical and academic transcription experience.

Michelle Doherty, Associate Transcriber

Jeffersonian transcription trained transcriber and former PA/Secretary at Director Level.

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Bilingual Italian/English transcriber with 30 years' transcription experience.

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Former legal secretary and current medical secretary in the NHS.

Sharon G Associate Transcriber

Transcriber with 10 years experience and a background as an administrator in education and medical fields.

Penny Cooper

Medical secretary with over 40 years of transcribing experience.

Lindsey Johnson

MSc degree in Social Anthropology, specialist for American accents.

Samantha Paul, Associate Transcriber

Graduate with a background in TV and radio production. Specialist for British, Indian and Australian accents.

Sophia Ollard, Associate Transcriber

Former English teacher, proofreader and sub-editor with over 10 years transcription experience.

Kathryn Bell

Former civil servant with over 25 years transcription experience, including DWP fraud investigations.

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Transcriber with over 10 years' experience. CAB Debt Advisor.

Jennifer Associate Transcriber

Transcriber with MA and 6 years transcription experience. Extensive research transcription work covered.

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HND graduate and published author with over 27 years transcription experience. Specialist for Scottish accents.

Kirsty Greer, Associate Transcriber

Transcriber with 10 years experience. Specialist for medical research and science transcription.