Daisy Ward, Associate Transcriber

Daisy Ward

Associate Transcriber

1st class degree, TEFL qualified with good ear for French, German, Dutch and Chinese accents. 4 years transcription experience.

About Me: I graduated with a first-class honours degree from Plymouth University in 2012. After several years gaining work experience in different sectors to see what I liked, I became self-employed in early 2015, and began transcribing for different agencies alongside setting up a CV consultancy business. My experience to date encompasses copywriting, marketing, transcription, customer service, private tuition, and most recently, teaching English as a foreign language which is my main focus at present.

Unique Information: I am a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

Qualifications: I have a first-class bachelor’s degree in an education-related subject. In 2018 I qualified to teach English as a foreign language. I also have a certificate in Advanced French.

Specialist Transcription Skills: thanks to my foreign language studies, I have a good ear for French, German, Dutch and Chinese accents. I have a solid grounding in medical terminology and can usually identify complex names of drugs or diseases.

Years of Transcription Experience: 4

Location: Devon