Jonathan Fagan Director

Jonathan Fagan


About Me: Company Director and Founder of TP Transcription Limited whilst working as a solicitor in Nottingham in 2001 and noticing a gap in the market for a reasonably priced outsourced transcription service. I am also managing director of Ten Percent Legal Recruitment and a trustee of the Ten Percent Foundation, the charitable trust handling our 10% donations to charity every year. In TP Transcription Limited I am responsible for managing the development of the business and tender writing (I am a keen enthusiast of late night candle burning!).

Unique Information: I once set up a website called PileofMud (selling piles of quality British mud) and got into the national press as a result!

Qualifications: Solicitor in England & Wales (non-practising), LLM (Mental Health Law) University of Northumbria, LLB (EU) Hons University of Leicester, PGDipLaw (LPC) De Montfort University, FIRP (Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals).

Specialist Transcription Skills: I leave the transcription to our team of expert transcribers.. I have had a go (I type at 85 words a minute) but it is incredibly difficult work and full credit to them!

Years transcribing: see above, although I have worked in the transcription business for almost 20 years.

Contact: or call 01824 780937.